July 23rd, 2012



UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira smiles, sitting amidst adolescent girls from the UNICEF supported KGBV residential educational programme, in Udaipur District in Rajasthan State in India.

Shakira met with adolescent girls to discuss the importance of educating and empowering girls to break the cycle of poverty and inequity.

KGBV (Kasturba Gandhi Ballika Vidyalas) is a residential programme that provides a basic education and life-skills training for girls in marginalized and often difficult-to-reach areas. “For too many girls, the basic human right to education is denied,” Shakira said. “Yet, educating adolescent girls and ensuring their participation in decision-making that affects them plays a significant role in enhancing their sense of self-worth.”

© UNICEF/Prashanth Vishwanathan

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